Reception: Aperta 24 ore, con staff multilingue

Parking: Disponibile solo su prenotazione

Internet: Internet poin disponibile in hotel .Wifi gratuito nella hall

Piscina: Lettini disponibili per tutti gli ospiti


Events in Sorrento :


Napoli Theatre Festival 2013

From June 4th to June 23th will take place the Napoli Theatre Festival, that will bring in Naples various musicians, artists, directors and choreographers from all over the world.


Salvador Dali' Exibition in Sorrento

From 14 June to 29 September

About 100 works of art of the artists will be shown off in Sorrento, pieces of art just like“Profilo del Tempo”, “La Persistenza della Memoria” or “Donna in Fiame”, some of his mosfamous works, such as the “Daum Cristallerie”.

Some of this amazing sculptures will be exhibited in the main squares of Sorrento.

May Monuments month 2013

It will take place from May 4th to June 2th the event “Il Maggio dei Monumenti” (May of Monuments), that will let both tourist and locals to enjoy the enormous cultural heritage; during the month of may you can discover monuments that in other periods of the year are not open to public.


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